About Us

Four years ago, I started my blog Peanuts on the road. The name came to be from the frequent travels at the time by local trains.

For anyone who has ever travelled by local train in India, peanut sellers are a very familiar sight. They come aboard the compartment for the time it takes the train to go from one station to the next and sell these small sachets of roasted, salted peanuts for Rs. 2, 5 or 10 depending on how gullible they think you look.

To me, they are the quintessential flavors of travel, the very essence on being on the road. It is incredible to think how many conversations I have had over buying peanuts on the weekly train in the weekends I caught to  return home from my research institute. Local food and travel are inherently intertwined and the fastest way to get the flavor of a place.

Over the years, the blog went from something very small and personal, to an owned domain featuring invited reviews, to suspended due to personal commitments. Life has taken me to a place now where I am ready once again to document my experiences - both the mundane and the extraordinary. I lost my blog backup due to a hard drive crash (and my not having stuff in cloud). So we will start this anew, with new tales to tell, new experiences to gain and a brand new look to the same spirit that you all loved in the old blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Peanuts on the Road v2.0


Meet the creator

Hi there. My name is Anwesha and I created Peanuts on the Road, or POTR as we call it, some four years back.
 I occasionally wear many hats - a climate scientist, passionate cook, intrepid traveller, shy painter and a perchance poet. At other times, I wear no hats at all and drink juice straight out of a carton and sleep on my couch all day.